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Services: Graphics Design / Creative Design Services

Our Design Team is available to create unique designs specifically for the needs of our customers. De Vore Packaging understands that one decoration technique does not fit every client, which is why we offer these superior options:
Offset Printing: We apply the latest technology to print directly on containers and lidsí using our high-speed dry offset printing presses. We offer process print of up to eight colors, and are among the best in the industry for printing thin-wall plastic containers and lids.
In Mold Labeling: In-Mold Labeling (IML) is capturing attention in the North American market, though itís been popular in Europe for more than two decades.
Pressure Sensitive Labeling: When youíre looking for an alternative to offset printing, consider the vibrant graphic quality of a pressure sensitive label. Our state-of-the-art labeling equipment can handle a variety of pressure sensitive labels including paper, plastic or foil. We can place the label on the front, back and bottom of cups, and the top or underside of lids. We can affix labels to a variety of sizes of containers and lids.

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